Suspension Rebuilding for Motocross ATV Motorcycle Snowmobile

Suspension is a commonly over-looked part of any motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV. At LaBaron's, our technicians are well versed in the repair, rebuilding, and modification of today's high-performance suspension components. Whether you need your snowmobile shocks freshened up, or your suspension completely re-valved and rebuilt on your motocross bike, we have the experience and know-how to make your ride as smooth and compliant as possible.

Are your fork seals leaking? Does your suspension seem too stiff or too soft? Chances are you need your forks and/or shocks rebuilt. You also may need to have your forks and/or shocks custom tuned to your requirements. LaBaron's Power Sports has technicians trained to deliver the best possible suspension for the every-day rider or the seasoned pro. We offer custom gold valve kits and high quality springs and seals to build the best suspension for your riding demands. Whether your looking for suspension that will handle the most extreme motocross tracks, or a setup that will give you more control and comfort in the trails, our business can setup the suspension for your specific needs!

Stop in or call us and we can discuss the best suspension setup available for your motocross suspension, ATV shocks, street bike suspension or snowmobile shocks. We will factor in your riding ability, weight and budget to build you the best suspension for motocross, road, or trail riding.

We can rebuild any factory suspension and many other aftermarket forks and shocks; some examples are:

Suspension services available for:

  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Arctic Cat
  • Polaris
  • Ski Doo
  • KTM
  • Elka
  • PEP
  • Race Tech
  • Works Shocks
  • I-Shock
  • Ryde FX
  • KYB
  • Showa
  • WP
  • Fox
  • Ohlins
  • Marzocchi

  • Q: How do I know I need my suspension rebuilt?

    A: Are you bottoming out, seals leaking and/or feel out of control? If so, you need your suspension serviced.

    Q: Can you set my suspension up for my weight and riding ability?

    A:Yes, we will determine which spring rate, oil weight, oil height, sag and valving is required for your situation.

    Q: Why do some seals cost around $10 and others around $50?

    A: The cheaper seals are made in china, the quality is not good and your seals will leak prematurely.

    Suspension Pricing:

    Motocross Forks & Shock Rebuilding

    Forks (Pair Off Bike) $96.00 + Parts

    Forks (Pair On Bike) $192.00 + Parts

    Shock (Off Bike) $96.00 + Parts

    Shock (On Bike) $144.00 + Parts

    Street Bike Fork & Shock Rebuilding

    Forks (Pair Off Bike) $96.00 + Parts

    Forks (Pair On Bike) Starting at $192.00-$288.00 + Parts

    Shock (Off Bike) $96.00 + Parts

    Shock (On Bike) Starting at $144.00 + Parts

    Full Fairing Bikes - Call for Pricing

    ATV Shock Rebuilding

    Shocks (Off ATV Per Shock) $96.00 + Parts

    Front Shocks (On ATV Per Shock) $120.00 + Parts

    Rear Shock (On ATV) $144.00 + Parts

    Snowmobile Shock Rebuilding

    Standard Shock (Off Sled) $48.00 + Parts

    Reservoir Shock (Off Sled) $72.00 + Parts

    Arctic Cat Quick Adjust (Off Sled) $96.00 + Parts

    Front Standard Shocks (On Sled) $96.00 + Parts

    Front Reservoir Shock (On Sled) $120.00 + Parts

    Rear Standard Shocks (On Sled) Call for Pricing

    Arctic Cat Quick Adjust (On Sled) Call for Pricing