Engine performance can be altered drastically by porting your cylinder (2-cycle) or head (4-cycle). The skilled engine builders at LaBaron's Power Sports have years of experience modifying cylinders and heads to squeeze every drop of horsepower out of them. Whether you desire to build a fire-breathing race engine, or want to modify the power delivery of your weekend trail machine, we can develop a porting package, along with other engine modifications, that fit the needs of your specific application.

Porting Pricing

  • 2-Stroke Starting at $192.00
  • 4-Stroke Starting at $384.00 (Includes valve and seat recondition)
  • CNC porting Starting at $595.00 - CNC porting is performed on a 5-axis CNC Mill-Port machine, with hand-polishing, driven by hours of flow-bench testing and development on a Superflow 600.

  • Porting Motorcycle ATV

    Cylinder and head porting can become a very cost-effective way to increase your 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines horsepower when simple bolt-on modifications wont satisfy your power output needs. Based on current modifications, horsepower goals, and power band characteristics, LaBaron's experienced technicians can design a Porting package that will meet and exceed your needs. From Basic Hand Trail Porting, 3 angle valve jobs and full out C.N.C. Race Porting; LaBaron's expert technicians have you covered!

    Q: How effective is porting on its own?

    A: There are more horsepower benefits for 2-strokes. 4-Strokes require other modifications to maximize the porting work (exhaust, camshafts, high compression pistons, etc.)

    Q: What kind of horsepower gains can I expect?

    A: Typical results are 2-4 horsepower.

    Q: Is it possible to lose horsepower porting?

    A: We have seen several amateur porting jobs that were ported incorrectly. Substandard porting usually can not be reversed. A new cylinder or cylinder head must be purchased.