Nikasil Replating

LaBaron's Power Sports is an authorized dealer providing cylinder re-plating services (Nikasil Re-plating). We will inspect your cylinder, get it ready to ship, and provide the necessary shipping to our plating center and back.


LaBaron's Power Sports provides nickel silicon carbide plated cylinder service for a variety of engines, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, race cars, karts, dirt bikes and watercraft. We focus on the power sports industry. In some cases your cylinder can be bored if it is not plated.

  • Nickel silicon carbide composite coatings
  • Repair or exchange of used cylinders
  • Power Valve Mods
  • Big bores
  • Single, Mono Block, or Inline cylinders

    If you have a big race this weekend or just a big ride, you can count on us to provide you with the best nikasil plating in the industry. Millennium Technologies provides advanced engine solutions and believes so strongly about this that they will stand behind it with a lifetime warranty on the plating service. All of that makes it tough to beat.

  • Q: Do I need to send my piston in with my cylinder?

    A: Although, it is not mandatory, providing us with a new piston is always a good idea. By having a piston we can ensure proper finish bore size, as well as making sure that your new piston hasn’t been damaged. In most cases, we can do a cylinder to stock dimensions based on provided make, model, and year. If you would like us to provide a new aftermarket piston, simply choose the type you would like and indicate it on our work order form and send it in with your cylinder.

    Q: Do I need to take my cylinder apart?

    A: Please remove your head studs, dowels, intake, power valves, etc. There are additional cost for removing and replacing these components. We can remove them, however, Labaron's Power Sports will not be held liable for any damaged or broken parts that may result from disassembly. This includes cylinder head bolts!

    Q: Is there damage that can’t be fixed?

    A: Most times we can fix just about anything, however, there are a few scenarios that the damage just can’t be repaired. We recommend calling one of our technicians to discuss all of the options available.

    Price for Nikasil

  • Standard Re-plate Single Cylinder $214.95
  • Repair* and Re-plate Single Cylinder $274.95
  • Standard Re-Plate 2 Cylinder Mono Block $309.95
  • Repair* Re-plate 2 Cylinder Mono Block $399.95
  • Standard Re-plate Inline 3 $374.95
  • Repair* and Re-plate Inline 3 $424.95
  • Standard Re-plate Inline 4** Mono Block $449.95
  • Repair* and Re-plate Inline 4** Mono Block $574.95
  • Standard Re-plate Top Case Cylinder*** $545.95
  • Repair* and Re-plate Top Case Cylinder*** $712.95

  • Single Cylinder $214.95
  • Mono Block $414.95