How to Ship to Us

Step 1:

Remove the part that needs to be serviced. Be sure it is clean and ready to be worked on. Take note of what you are sending us. This will insure you get back exactly what you are sending us

Remove Part to be Serviced.jpg

Step 2:

Fill out the WORK ORDER FORM and fill it out completely. The more info you provide us the better. Put the part to be serviced and the work order form in your package. Be sure to use plenty of packing material (paper, bubble wrap, etc.). Double box it or even build a wooden crate. Some of our customers use coolers too.

Fill out Work Order and put in box.jpg

Step 3:

Drop off the package at your local UPS, FED EX or the post office to arrange shipping. You can also call them to have it picked up. Use the links below...


*We also recommend insuring your package.


Step 4:

When we receive the package we will notify you and discuss any final details about the service being done. We don't bill you until the job is done and you approve it. If you need help during any of this process call us at 810-798-2035 or email us.

*Please be aware of our store hours when you call. Thanks

Tech will call you when it arives.jpg