Dyno Tuning for Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATV

At LaBaron's Power Sports, our dyno tuning shop will ensure that your motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV is tuned correctly. The importance of fuel and ignition tuning cannot be overstated. When you modify your vehicles engine, exhaust, or intake, the fuel requirements will change. Carburetors and basic E.F.I. systems cannot compensate for this change on their own, and you will risk loss of performance, or even worse, catastrophic engine failure. Good news is, we dyno tune motorcycles, ATV's and dirt bikes all the time. Our tuning capabilities can make your engine run at its peak! 

We are an authorized dynojet tuning center and specialize in power commander V fuel controllers but we are not limited to just this version. There are many other fuel controllers on the market but not all are created equal. We choose power commanders because they are simply the best. There are no limitations to there system and we have a ton of experience and knowledge built around them.

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How much does dyno tuning cost?

Base Run Only

  • $99.00 - Includes set up and a few pulls on the dyno. You will receive a chart with horsepower, torque and an air/fuel reading.


  • Starting at $396.00* - Includes set up, up to 3 hours of dyno tuning (Pulling carburetor and re-jetting), jets, and dyno charts (Horsepower, Torque, Air & Fuel) before and after.

EFI - Fuel Injected

  • $198.00 Includes set up and download a pre-configured map and dyno charts (Horsepower, Torque, Air & Fuel) before and after.
  • $297.00* same as above but we program and configure a custom map for your specific application.

NOTE: EFI models require purchase and installation of Power Commander III/V USB for tuning. (10% discount off Power Commander with dyno tune)

  • 99.00 Installation of Power Commander III/V USB on most machines. (No, it doesn't just "plug-in")

Additional Dyno Tune Shop Services

  • $49.50 - We will install our own tires for ATV's and some motorcycle applications (Off road tires will wear considerably and show low horsepower numbers due to slippage).
  • $49.50* - Disable secondary air injection system

*In some instances there will be additional labor time for very complex advanced EFI maps, ignition re-mapping, turbocharged applications, complex secondary air injection systems and nitrous oxide applications. We do not dyno vehicles 1999 or older.

Dyno Tuning Explained

Whether your engine is bone stock or full race, you can benefit immensely from our dyno tuning center. No engine will run at its peak if not tuned properly, and dyno tuning is the only precise way of dialing in your motor. EFI or carbureted, we have the capabilities to extract every ounce of horsepower out of your ATV, motocross bike, or metric street bike. Our chassis dyno utilizes cutting edge electro-magnetic load simulation and wide-band air-fuel ratio sensor technology, giving our tuning center an edge over the competition.

Many customers will ask if it's beneficial to have their stock ATV, street bike, cruiser, or dirt bike dyno tuned. You will achieve fine-tuned results, better throttle response, and the assurance knowing your ATV, street bike, cruiser, or motocross bike has been tuned properly. You will gain much more performance with exhaust, porting, different camshafts or intake set-ups, all of which will need to be re-tuned on the dyno to achieve maximum results. With the amount of money we invest in our ATVs, sport bikes, motorcycle metric cruisers, and motocross bikes, it is definitely worth having your machine properly tuned.

There are many pre-configured maps available to the public that can be used when tuning a machine after installing an aftermarket exhaust or intake. The reality with these "cookie-cutter" maps is that they may be developed in an area with very different climate and altitude, and on a completely stock bike, which may or may not yield the desired results. In most cases, the machine will perform better. In all cases, a custom map designed for your machine, under the same climate conditions you will be riding in, will achieve superior results to a pre-configured map every time, guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dyno Tuning

Q: Will my vehicle blow up on the dyno?

A: It could. This is why its best to be sure the vehicle is properly maintained (oil changed, clean air filter, and mechanically sound)

Q: Will the dyno damage my tires?

A: The drum of the dyno is knurled and can cause some minimal wear to the tire.

Q: Can you re-flash or tune my stock ECU?

A: No, we use power commanders to properly tune your EFI equipped machine.

Q: Can you dyno tune Side by Sides (UTV), Go Karts, snowmobiles or automobiles?

A: No, unfortunately these vehicles are too big or not part of our set up. We only dyno tune dirt bikes, atv's and motorcycles.