Cylinder Head Services - 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke

Is your cylinder head in need of service? We can provide you with cylinder head services that use the latest state of the art digital CNC machining processes to modify, maintain, and save your cylinder head. We offer a complete line of replacement valve-train components, that will last in your stock or high-performance application. LaBaron's can provide services to re-cut or replace your seats, replace your guides and lap in your valves. Racing Motocross? Trail Riding? LaBaron's has you covered. If your dirt bike, street bike or ATV is need of head repair we are your solution. With today's 250F and 450F Motocross Bikes, its crucial to maintain valve adjustments and periodic valve job maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance - Valve Job

  • 2-Valve Single Cylinder $96.00 + Parts if needed
  • 4-Valve Single Cylinder $192.00 + Parts if needed
  • 5-Valve Single Cylinder $240.00 + Parts if needed
  • Inline 4 Cylinder 2 Valve Head $299.95 + Parts if needed
  • Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Valve Head $449.95 + Parts if needed

  • Replace Seats (Includes Valve Job)

  • 2-Valve Single Cylinder $174.95 + Parts
  • 4-Valve Single Cylinder $249.95 + Parts
  • 5-Valve Single Cylinder $299.95 + Parts
  • Inline 4 Cylinder 2 Valve Head $479.95 + Parts
  • Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Valve Head $899.95 + Parts

  • Cylinder Head Machining

  • 2 Stroke head re-cut (Damaged or Big Bore) - $96.00
  • Deck a 4-Stroke Head (Warped) - $96.00

  • Parts Cost

  • Stainless Steel Valves - Starting at $29.95 each
  • Stainless Steel Valve Spring Kit (Springs and retainers) - $229.95
  • One Piece Titanium - Starting at 139.95 each
  • Ductile Iron Seats - $15.00 per seat
  • Nickel/Bronze Seats - $25.00 per seat
  • Copper Beryllium Seats - $60.00 per seat

  • Q. What do I do when there are no shim sizes available for my valve adjustment?

    A. This is caused by excessive valve stretch, valve face cupping, and/or seat recession.

    Q. Are titanium or stainless steel valves better?

    A. Titanium valves are lighter performance valves. Stainless Steel valves are more durable, and on average require less valve adjustments.

    Q. Can you port my cylinder head too?

    A. Yes we can. Check out our porting page.