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   Crankshaft rebuilding is precise work. It requires an experienced technician and several thousand dollars worth of sophisticated tooling and equipment to do properly. La Baron's Power Sports has been rebuilding crankshafts for motorcycles, ATV and snowmobiles for years. Our reputation for precise work and adhering to exact tolerances is what keeps this business growing. Keep in mind, a crankshaft that is assembled using quality parts and then trued beyond the factory specifications (in most cases less than .001" run out) will outlast and outperform a brand new factory crank. So if you're in need of a sturdy crank that will last in your motorcycle, looking to replace your worn out vintage GT750 or H1 crankshaft or in need of a rebuild on your triple snowmobile crankshaft, La Baron's Power sports is the only shop you need to know.  Crankshaft Tools.jpg
Whats required to rebuild Twins and Triples (Shop press not Pictured) - Do not try at home
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Precision Truing stand with Dial Indicators


-In many cases, new aftermarket and O.E.M. crankshafts have larger tolerances. We have experienced as much as .004" - .006" radial run out on NEW crankshafts. These loose tolerances can cause excessive vibration, shortened life of bearings, and loss of power due to parasitic drag. We are not satisfied until we achieve a run out of less than .001", thus increasing performance and durability far beyond that of new crankshafts.

   -Some machines are known for crankshaft issues and failures, most notably Polaris 800cc liberty twin and Ski Doo 800cc cranks and Honda 450cc crankshafts. We have the specialized equipment and experience to make those problems a thing of the past. We have access to billet steel PTO ends, larger bearings, lightweight heavy duty connecting rod kits, and more...



  • *Single Crankshafts - *$84.00 + parts
  • Twin Crankshafts - *$184.00 + parts
  • Triple Crankshafts - *$284.00 + parts

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* Some single cranks have large timing gears, counter balance gears or a thin tin-can crank web (Honda). These will require additional labor to remove and reinstall them during the rebuilding process.

We Can rebuild cranks for:
  • Honda - Motorcycle and ATV
  • Yamaha - Motorcycle, ATV, UTV and Snowmobiles
  • Kawasaki - Motorcycle and ATV
  • Suzuki - Motorcycle, ATV and *Snowmobiles (Arctic Cat)
  • Polaris - Snowmobiles and ATV
  • Arctic Cat - Snowmobiles
  • Ski Doo - Snowmobiles
  • KTM - Motorcycle and ATV
  • Some other pressed together cranks (Call or email us with your crankshaft request)

*Note: We can not rebuild one piece (automotive style) crankshafts. Only cranks that are pressed together

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 Removing the Rod.jpg  Crankshaft Apart.jpg  Crankshaft Rebuilt.jpg

Q: Can you grind or machine my one-piece crankshaft and fit undersized bearings?

A: No. Currently we do not possess the specialty equipment required to resurface cranks.

Q: How do I know if my crank is a press-together style or a one-piece?

A: If your connecting rod(s) are bolted together at the bottom, then you have a one-piece style crankshaft.

Q: Can you rebuild my Harley Davidson Crankshaft?

A: We currently do not perform any Harley Davidson engine work.

Q: What is a Tin-Can Style crankshaft?

A: Tin-Can style crankshafts were used by honda on 125, 250, and 500cc 2-stroke engines. These crankshafts have a thin steel skin and take much more time to true without damaging the skin.

Q: Can you rebuild my vintage crankshaft?

A: We can go back as far as the parts availability allow us. In most cases its back to the early 70's.


Jeffrey Morris - Clinton Twp., MI 48038

  "About a month ago you worked with me to repair my Yamaha Snowmobile crankshaft (seized bearing). Since then I have put 500+ miles on the sled over 2  weekends, beating the crap out of it. Despite all my efforts to break it again, the Engine is running superb. I have no doubt that the success of the engine rebuild is largely due to your efforts rebuilding/ trueing the crank to factory spec (or better, actually). I am very happy with the repair, as it kept me from buying a new sled. Your knowledge and quality of work is excellent from what I can tell. I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help, I will be back with some of my other toys."

John Sowards - New Baltimore, MI 48047

  "Just wanted to send a quick note to praise your staff. I planned to drop off a crank for new PTO bearings. When Alex learned I had traveled from Chesterfield he suggested I wait for it. Not knowing which way the locator pins were to be placed he pulled up a crank on Ebay for reference and found what we needed to know. 20 minutes later I was on my way. Thanks to Alex for his professional, courteous and prompt service. As Arnie would say... I'll be back!"

David LaNinfa - Facebook Review

  "If you need professional work at a reasonable cost, check them out. They rebuilt my 1973 Suzuki GT750 tripple crankshaft and did a excellent job."
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